Y Welcome to Strata Consolidation 
Who We Are
Strata Consolidation are exactly what our name implies. Our core business is the Consolidation of Ground in Underground MIning using Polymeric Resins and Cementitious Grouts. We are licensed applicators of PUR and Carbofill in Australian Underground Coal Mining.
We have industry leading professionals as part of our team with years of experience in the Polymeric and Cementitious Injection of Underground Strata for Consolidation, Water Displacement and for the Recovery of Fallen Ground. These works are both in Coal and Hardrock Mining.
Strata Consolidation have completed numerous successful projects for many blue chip mining companies such as Rio Tinto, Glencore, X Strata,  South 32 and Centennial Coal. 
Strata Consolidation pride ourselves on customers service, and offer superior safety and efficiency  over our competition. 

900 Days
​LTI Free

​4 Safety Awards Won

ISO 9001:2008 Compliant 

What We Do
  1. Coal Mining
    Coal Mining
    Strata Consolidation are licensed applicators of Orica Polymeric Resins in Underground Coal Mining. Our experienced personel are industry professionals and are fully trained in all aspects of PUR and Carbofill Injections. Whether for pre-injection or Longwall recovery Strata Consolidation has a solution for your needs.
  2. Hard Rock Mining
    Hard Rock Mining
    Strata Consolidation are the market leaders in Underground Metalliferous Mining Polymeric Injection. Our experienced and multi skilled personnel are trained in a range of services including Resin Injection, Service Crew Works, Training & Assessment and all aspects of Machinery  Operation.  Strata Consolidation provide safe and efficient results and offer value to our clients.
  3. Fall Recovery
    Fall Recovery
    Strata Consolidation pride ourselves on being fall recovery experts. We have a large range of options available depending on our clients needs. These options range from Steel Sets to Cementitious Grout Filling. Strata Consolidation pride themselves on offering safety and efficiency in assisting our clients to return to mining productivity.